A Few of the Things We Do to Get Better

I. Mechanically

We have a former PGA tour player and current PGA instructor who works with each of our players. He spends two full days with our team at the beginning and end of each semester and is also available for consultation in between his visits. As coaches we work closely with him to build a plan for what mechanical improvements we want to make to each player's game. If a player already has an instructor that they want to continue working with then we do not try to undo prior work. We love having this added technical support for our players and have seen huge progress as a result of this.

II. Psychologically

We have a sports psychology consultant who meets with us several times a semester to help our players improve their mental engagement with the game. We use a tool called the Enneagram as a framework for helping each player understand their unique psychological strengths and weaknesses and how these impact their golf game. We call the Enneagram our "secret weapon" and find that it is a really innovative and effective way to address sports psychology.

III. Physiologically

We contract with a TPI certified trainer to conduct assessments on all of our players and develop workouts that are geared towards the needs of each player's swing. Rather than having a universal workout that every player on the team does, our workouts are able to complement each player's body type and what they are working on in their swings.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to player development. In order to help golfers reach their full potential we need to address all of the factors that are impacting their game.  That means their mechanics, psychology, physiology, and beyond

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Hunter Brown