Thoughts from the coaches on golf and the art of improving at the game.


On the psychology of putting

August 13, 2018

This week I’ve been reviewing an old book of mine by Dr. Bob Rotella called Putting Out of Your Mind. And I’d like to take some time to reflect on what he says about the psychology of putting...Though the mental and physical side of golf are deeply connected, I will be focusing in this episode on what the mind is doing in putting. Leaving mechanics aside for a little bit, I want to consider how great putters tend to think when they putt...


On Tournament Preparation

July 19, 2018

With this week being Open week, it is a great time to highlight the significance of tournament preparation. The players are competing on courses that are very different from what they play week to week on the PGA tour so we tend to hear more about what they are doing to prepare to play well. There is a lot to learn from the way they are thinking and practicing in an effort to have their game in peak condition for this major championship...